Specialists and Extra Curriculars

PE Schedule

Mondays Wednesday
Preschool PE  8:10-8:30 Preschool PE  8:10-8:30
1/2 Health   8:30-8:50
Kdg Health 8:30-8:50
1/2 PE  8:50-9:30 Kdg PE  8:50-9:30
Kdg PE  9:30-10:10 1/2 PE  9:30-10:10
6/7/8 Health & PE 12:30-1:25
6/7/8 Health & PE 12:30-1:25
5 Health & PE 1:25-2:20
5 Health & PE 1:25-2:20
3/4 Health & PE  2:20-3:15 3/4 Health & PE  2:20-3:15

Music Schedule

Tuesdays Thursday
l/2 Multi-age  8:10-8:50 Mass  8:30
Mass  8:00
Holy Cross
Kindergarten  8:50-9:30 Kindergarten  9:30-10:10
Band Lessons 8:50-10:40
Preschool  9:30-9:45

Band Lessons  10:00-10:40 l/2 Multi-age  10:10-10:50
3/4 Multi-age  10:40-11:30 Band Lessons 10:50-11:30 3/4 Multi-age   10:40-11:30
8th Grade  12:30-1:25
8th Grade  12:30-1:25
6th/7th Grades   1:25-2:20
        6th/7th Grades   1:25-2:20
5th Grades  2:20-3:15
        5th Grades  2:20-3:15

Extra-Curricular Activities

ATHLETICS--Click on the link to see all available athletic activities at La Salle.

BAND:  Any 5th-8th grader interested in learning a band instrument, in the brass, woodwind and percussion families, is able to take lessons and join the group.  Lessons are held during the school day.

PLAYS:  Sixth, seventh, and eighth graders are able to participate in a play, usually a musical. The performance takes place in the fall or the spring.

RIGHT TO LIFE MARCH:  A pilgrimage open to any interested eighth graders and their parents. This is a trip to Washington, D.C. to participate in the Right to Life March each year in January. This pilgrimage includes liturgy, the march, and some sightseeing.

SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT ADVISORY COMMITTEE--This committee consists of a board member, an administrator, a teacher, parents, students, and community members.  It meets twice a year to go over ITBS results and APR goals to help determine what our long/short term goals should be.

STUDENT COUNCIL:  A group of student representatives that meet monthly concerning/planning school activities.

YEARBOOK COMMITTEE:  A group of eighth graders working with parent volunteers to compile the yearbook with memories from the school year.