What is SCRIP? | Order Form

SCRIP is a great fundraiser for La Salle Catholic School.  SCRIP also provides a way for families 
to receive a tuition credit  of 1% once they have purchased $1000 worth of SCRIP.

  1. What is SCRIP?
    Scrip is a gift certificate from a participating merchant.  You purchase SCRIP and use it as a substitute for cash at a participating merchant.

  2. How does the school benefit?
    Our school benefits by receiving between 2%-36% profit from the merchant on every dollar of SCRIP you purchase. The school purchases the SCRIP at a discount from the merchants.  You repurchase the SCRIP from the school at the full face value, and the school retains the difference.

  3. How does the parish benefit?
    SCRIP profits are included in the school budget as income.  The greater SCRIP income, the smaller the parish subsidy.  If more families purchase SCRIP, our profit will increase and will help to reduce subsidies at each parish. Thank you to all the parishioners who support the SCRIP program.  You don't have to have a child that attends La Salle Catholic to help your parish. Anytime anyone uses SCRIP it helps their parish.

  4. How do LaSalle families benefit?
    Your purchases through SCRIP can earn 1% toward K-8 tuition for the coming year if you have children attending La Salle.  Remember relatives, friends, and neighbors can donate their 1% towards your child's tuition credit.  

  5. How is SCRIP accepted in the stores?
    SCRIP is accepted the same as cash.

  6. Where can I buy SCRIP certificates?
    Anyone interested in purchasing SCRIP may do so at the following locations: DB&T in Holy Cross, Fidelity Bank & Trust in Luxemburg, and at the home of Steve & Vicki Cleary's home in Rickardsville.  You may also send your SCRIP order to school with your child and we will fill it and return it to you as soon as possible (see order form below).  If a large quantity of a certain SCRIP merchant is needed, please contact Ann Maiers (870-5705).