PreSchool Information

PreSchool Information

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Mission Statement of the educational Apostolate-Archdiocese of Dubuque is to guide individuals to:
  • Respond to God's call to personal conversion.
  • Form a Christian community.
  • Grow in knowledge and culture, becoming enlightened, and enlivened by faith.
  • Shape society in the spirit of Gospel freedom, justice, and love.
LaSalle Catholic Preschool believes that each child is a unique and special child of God.
  • Our program provides unique opportunities to enhance the development of the whole child in a setting, which models Catholic values and teaches Catholic beliefs.
  • Child-centered and developmentally appropriate experiences enable each child to foster feelings of self-worth, self-respect, and love for others.
  • A cooperative and supportive teaching partnership between family and school is essential in providing a positive and enriching early childhood experience (learning and life).
  •  The teacher's role is to facilitate the child's experiential learning process by providing an integrated and multi-sensory environment, which uses a variety of materials and modes.
  • The young child needs a flexible environment, which offers the security of definite limits while providing freedom and flexibility so that each child can grow in self-expression and noncompetetiveness.


The purpose of this Preschool is to provide the children with a happy, social, and group play experience so that the advancement from the home situation to Kindergarten will be a happy and successful transition.  The Preschool will not duplicate Kindergarten nor should it.

The LaSalle Preschool feels that each child is a unique individual.  Our goal is to have a program that is constantly growing, expanding, and is flexible enough to consider each child's individual need to explore, belong, dream, achieve, create, love, and be independent.  We strive to provide a warm and secure learning environment in which to explore all levels of experiences such as social, physical, musical, intellectual, and emotional within an exciting and creative format.  The curriculum includes opportunities for original work, self-selected work, and real problem solving situations.  We have a warm, loving sympathetic, and understanding image.  We strive to appeal to your child's interests and develop independence.