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General Information

Lunch prices for 2018-19:
Student $2.80
seconds of entree $1.40, seconds half of entree $0.70,
seconds of sides $0.25
milk $0.40

Public meeting regarding internet safety policy on Sept 20

2018-19 Parent-Student Handbook

2015-16 School Wellness Plan: The school wellness plan was last reviewed June 18, 2015. If you would like to comment on the plan or serve on a committee to review and revise the plan, please contact school.

Newsletters and Photos:

Spring Semester 2019

Do you know
someone who
needs prayers? 

Send an e-mail to our pastorate prayer chain coordinator at pastorateprayers@gmail.com and they’ll forward the
prayer intention to all those who sign-up to receive prayer requests.  Do you want to receive prayer requests by e-mail? 
Send an e-mail to our pastorate prayer chain coordinator at pastorateprayers@gmail.com, identify that you
want to be added to the list of e-mail recipients, and they’ll add your e-mail to the distribution list to which
all pastorate prayer requests are sent.  All prayer requests can be either specific or general, depending
on how much information the submitter wants to make known about the prayer request.

Thinking about Catholic education? 

Blog Entries from Families Choosing Catholic Education 

Seven Reasons Catholic School Matters

Five Reasons Why I Send My Kids to Catholic Schools

School Choice in Iowa

Empowering parents to make choices in
education for each of their children.

Student Tuition Organization (STO)
Ask your legislator about increasing the
amount of Iowa tax credits available to STOs.

Education Savings Accounts (ESA)
Ask your legislator about ESAs for Iowa families.


You are encouraged to apply for STO through the online application.
We have a limited number of paper applications in the office,
 if you need a paper application please contact Carol.

Online Application available here

This one minute video will familiarize you with the online application.
More detailed video on setting up your account and applying.